In today’s world, students must prepare themselves for a wide range of college and work opportunities. For our students who want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer, all of our students will certainly need a quality education. This year I am working with our junior high students as we learn about Computer Programming. Students in my “Coding” class will be writing and creating programs using the Python programming language. Students will also learn Block style programming for Android Phones and Tablets using the online MIT App Inventor system.

In other various courses I am teaching, students will learn a wide range of technology applications such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, hardware and software concepts along with basic video editing and production. Students will be introduced to 3D design and 3D Printing. All students in my classes will have ample opportunity to learn and practice 21st Century Skills throughout the semester and year.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Getting ready for Showcase

As we breeze through the month of March and April, students are or will be preparing for Showcase.

6th Graders have completed a unit on Spreadsheets and are now preparing PowerPoint Slides to share what they have learned and are able to do.  They have learned how to use a program which converts text to speech as well as working with PowerPoint.  A video will be created for viewing during the Student Showcase on April 23rd. 

8th Graders will be showcasing their work in a similar matter.  There PowerPoint slide will share products they are creating in their "Self Learning" modules.  From Apps created with "MIT App Inventor" to Multi-Page "Websites", students will have tons to share.  

You are invited to come by our table and visit.  Let the students share with you what they learned and demonstrate what they are now able to do.  

Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Self-Learning" Modules Taking Shape

8th Grade "Principles of Information Technology"

8th Graders recently closed out Module 2 (Digital Citizenship).  After doing so, students are now free to select a new learning module of their choosing.  In any of my four 8th Grade classes, you will see students involved in:

MIT App Inventor programming
Web Design
Python Programming
"Code.Org" Coding Lessons
Sphero Programming
Career Exploration
Graphic Design
Lessons at "Learning.Com"
Computer Hardware

It is really cool to see students involved in work that interests them.  As students work through the next 2 - 3 weeks, they will be able to complete the module and move on to a new and different module.  Stay tuned to see how things develop over the next few weeks.  

6th Grade "Career and Technology"

Students are finishing up our "Spreadsheet" unit.   Over the last few weeks, these little ones created 3 or 4 spreadsheets using Google Sheets.   Having learned about Labels, Values, Formulas and Functions, these students are now in the process of creating a much larger spreadsheet.  Each student contributed to the "Household Inventory" spreadsheet by adding a typical household item to the list.  They also used the Internet to find stores where the items can be purchased, along with descriptions and prices.

Students used "Functions and Formulas" to calculate a Sub-Total, Sales Tax, Total Price.  To conclude the calculations, students also use a Function to determine the highest, lowest and average price of the items. The spreadsheet will be completed this week as they learn to add borders and a splash of color to add visual appeal.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Semester Means a New Beginning

Career and Technology

6th graders are off to a great start for the New Year.  They begin the new semester with a Spreadsheet Assignment they left pending before Christmas Break.  They completed an online lesson at Learning.com and took Quiz #1.  With 90% of the quiz grades being 80 % or higher, working our way through Module 4 (Spreadsheets) will be a breeze. 

It won't be long before our 6th graders learn the basics of creating spreadsheets on their own and well enough to create a spreadsheet of their own creation and design.

Principles of Information Technology

We closed out the semester with the very first group of 8th graders to ever complete "Self-Learning" modules.  Each module began with a Pretest.  After their Pretest, each student completed a series of learning activities, quizzes and projects.  They then took a Post Test to determine the growth of their knowledge and skills. 

I am including a link to a Spreadsheet with "Pretest" and "Post Test" scores.  The scores have been charted for graphic representation.  The charts can be found at the bottom of each spreadsheet.  Student names ARE NOT revealed in any way and not all Learning Modules were completed by students. Four of the 18 modules were not taken by students and do not have any data in them.  3 new modules were added over Christmas Break.   One module is not conducive to Pre or Post testing.

I am looking forward to working with a new group of 8th graders as they learn and master the skill of learning on their own.

 Stay tuned for the great things created by our students.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Self Learning a Challenge

Principles of Information Technology

As students learn to take charge of their own learning and skill mastery, they are exposed to a number of various learning opportunities.  With the numbers changing weekly, the numbers in red represent the number of students engaged in the various "Self-Learning" modules at this time.

  1. Microsoft Word and Basic Desktop Publishing  ()
  2. Digital Citizenship ()
  3. Graphic Design  (7)
  4. Spreadsheets (1)
  5. Professional Development (1)
6.     Python Programming  (29)
7.     MIT App Inventor
  Programming (8)                               
8.      Web Design 💥
9.      Keyboarding  (6)
10.   Career Exploration (3)
11.   Computer Hardware (3)

(💥  Under Development)
12.    Robotics 💥
13.    Emerging Technologies 💥
14.   Business Documents  (1)
15.   Learning.com - Mixed
        Bag (7)
16.   Intro to Networking 💥
17.   Intro to  Cybersecurity💥

Career and Technology

The 6th graders have been busy, busy, busy creating web pages using Google Sites.  These websites are the final projects of their Career Exploration Unit.  While the web pages of these websites still need several rounds of proofreading editing and polishing, here are a few samples to share so far.

Complete websites will be made available when all rounds of editing and polishing are complete.


Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Adventure Continues

Principles of Information Technology

The 8th Graders are working diligently in their new style of learning.  I currently have 66, 8th grade students working in 7 different "Self-Learning" modules.  At this time, the 7 modules are as follows:  Python Programming, Keyboarding, Graph Design, Career Investigation, MIT App Inventor Programming, Learning.com and Computer Hardware.  As students complete a module, they are to select another module of their choice and the learning continues.

Career and Technology

The 6th graders are currently working on Career Exploration.  They just completed a series of "Skills Inventories" to help them better understand the jobs or careers they might be best suited for.  At this stage of the game, it was an exercise to demonstrate how these skills inventories works as the Internet is filled with tens of thousands of these kinds of tools.

This week, students will learn to use the U.S. Government "Occupational Outlook Handbook".  An excellent source of information for just about any job or career you can imagine.  The book is compiled by the "Department of Labor" and is kept updated on a regular basis.

The information gathered on Job Descriptions, Salary Expectations and Educational Requirements will be shared through a website students will be creating for jobs and careers they themselves are interested in.  I have no doubt students will create awesome websites so stay tuned as they share what they are learning.

By the way, here s a link to pictures and videos for various events.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Times, They are a Changing

Principles of Information Technology

This past week, 8th graders are beginning to experience learning in a whole new way.  As of this week, no longer are students tied to learning what their teacher feels is important, they have the power to pick and choose technology training which interests them.

 As a class, we completed Modules 1 and 2 for the purposes of learning and understanding how the modules are intended to work.  As Module 2 (Digital Citizenship) is completed, students are free to choose and have selected the following "Self-Learning" modules:  Graphic Design, Keyboarding, Python Programming, App Inventor Programming, Learning.com (Mixed Bag); a module which allows students to select from about 50 different "Learning.Com" online lessons in 11 categories and Computer Hardware.  A few others will be selecting their topics on Monday.

For a synopsis of available "Self-Learning" modules:

CLICK HERE (Google Doc Version)


Career and Technology

Over the past several weeks, the 6th graders have been busy learning about "Digital Citizenship".  They completed this training module by creating a video using "Windows Movie Maker".  In these videos, the 6th graders did a fantastic job of sharing the dangers and suggesting safety tips for using the Internet and Social Media.

To view their videos, select a class period below.

Stay tuned for other great work samples as we begin Module 9 (Career Exploration).