In today’s world, students must prepare themselves for a wide range of college and work opportunities. All students want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer. Our students will certainly be provided a quality education. This year I am working with our junior high students as they learn and master a wide range of 21st Century Skills.

In this year’s “Technology Applications” class, students will learn and master various topics associated with computers and technology.

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's Friday again and the kids are doing great.

We have been working on a project but it became evident we need to slow down as we learn a number of MS-Word skills.  We spent a couple of class periods just learning how to work with graphic images and the Microsoft Word WordArt feature.  Next week we will do one more short exercise to learn about Text Boxes and changing the Text Wrapping as it relates to graphic images. Once students learn these various features and what they do, they are expected to use what they know in the creation of a project. I am looking forward to all the great quality product these students will create.

For our Proofreading Exercise on Thursday, students completed a Formal Date exercise.  Students converted a wide range of Non-Formal dates into a Formal Format.  Aside for a few points being lost here and there for errors, everyone did a great job and earned high marks for their efforts.

Friday we practiced our Keyboarding Skills.  Students completed Lesson 4 today.  Students must have lessons 3 and 4 passed in order to earn 100 points.  Other grades are earned based upon individual progress.

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 19, 2014

On this wonderful Friday, I have good news to announce.  The 6th graders are Rockin-N-Rollin as they should.  All students have a complete set of grades and as a result, an awesome grade average. 

On Monday, we started our next Microsoft Word document but we were side tracked a little and did not make as much progress as we would have liked.  We will make more progress on it between Monday and Wednesday of next week.  The students and I are looking forward to that.

On Thursday, instead of a Proof Reading Exercise, students had a chance to write a little.  We will continue to use our Thursday's to sharpen our Proofreading and Writing skills.

Our Friday Keyboarding lessons are progressing as they should. Each Friday, we focus on a lesson from the "Type to Learn 4" typing system.  
Students were introduced to a grading schedule which will require increased speed and accuracy as we progress through the various lessons.

This week we focused on Lesson 3.  Next week we will focus on Lesson 4.  From the way it looks, students are meeting the speed and accuracy set and are on their way to earning a hundred points for the two lessons.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our third week together was just as great as our first two.

This week, students learned to use their eBackpacks.  This is an on-line storage system allowing students to save all their documents, projects and other assignments.  Work is submitted through eBackpack for evaluation and grading.

On Thursday, students completed our second Proofreading Exercise to hone and polish their grammar, spelling and punctuation skills.

Friday's are designated for Keyboarding.  Students did well as they competed Lesson 2 of the "Type to Learn 4" keyboarding program. For this week, basic Speed and Accuracy requirements were met. Speed and accuracy will be increased over time as we progress from lesson to lesson.

This coming week, students will be taking a couple of baseline tests to assess previous knowledge and skills. One test will be a reading test, for our reading department, using our On-Line "iStation" system.  Another test will challenge students on a wide range of computer topics scheduled to be covered this year by me.  These tests will help teachers better understand student's weaknesses, allowing them to adjust and focus their training through the upcoming months.  We will also start our second Microsoft Word Project allowing students to practice what they have learned as well as learn additional features of the Microsoft Word program.

I am expecting great quality work, so stayed tuned.

Friday, September 5, 2014

6th Graders did well this week.  We completed our class "Social Contract".  This was our first document using some "Basic" and "Intermediate" functions of the Microsoft Word Program.

Here is a sample.

Once these are printed out in color, they will be signed by the students in each class period and put on display in the classroom.  For many students, this was a first experience for many of the Microsoft Word features we used.  They will add to their knowledge and skills as we progress through various and more complex projects to come.  

So far, in the first 2 weeks, students have earned 3 grades and I am really proud of each student for doing an outstanding job of staying on task and taking care of business.  In other words, their grades look awesome.   We also started our weekly proofreading exercises and Keyboarding lessons.  Next week students will be taking their first On-Line test. 

Stay tuned for weekly updates.