In today’s world, students must prepare themselves for a wide range of college and work opportunities. All students want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer. Our students will certainly be provided a quality education. This year I am working with our junior high students as they learn and master a wide range of 21st Century Skills.

In this year’s “Technology Applications” class, students will learn and master various topics associated with computers and technology.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 16

Students gave Mrs. Leal their "Heart Felt" Thank You messages.  Mrs. Leal was very touched.  She mentioned that no other class has ever thanked in in this way.  I am confident her last day with us our 6th graders will be one to remember.

Using what students know about Desktop Publishing, students were given and opportunity to create a special Christmas or Holiday message to take home to parents or a special loved one.  Students did a great job.  With each opportunity to use what has been learned, document quality gets better and better.

The 6th graders also began our unit on Robots.  A document was created by students to show the various type of robots there are.  Students learned that there are Toy robots, Medical Robots, Military robots, Music Robots, Industrial Robots, etc.  Students will view various scenes from different robot movies in 3 different time periods; 1960s, 1970s and 2009.  Students will get to see and compare how changes in technology effects how robots are portrayed in different time periods.  We have a few weeks of exploratory learning and will conclude our unit with the creation of a Tri-Fold brochure.

Stay tuned through the coming weeks to see how things develop.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Week 15

This week students completed their "Thank You" messages to Mrs. Leal.  They will be presented to her on Monday the 15th.  In each class period, a couple of students have volunteered to be spokespersons for the class and present the documents to her.

This week, students will begin their next unit on "New and Emerging" technologies.  For this unit, robotics will be explored since our Junior High has just started a Robotics Club.  This unit of exploration is in preparation for the Tr-Fold Brochure Project students will be creating in a few weeks.

It is my goal that students create the brochure on their own with little or no help from me. Independent learning and work is our ultimate goal.  With the Internet research skills they will be learning and mastering, along with a series of step-by-step document creation video tutorials I created, I am hoping students will learn what they need and are able to create a Tri-Fold brochure on their own.

With the work we have been doing over the last few weeks, students have had plenty of opportunity to work on their spelling, grammar and punctuation.  I am please to announce that over these past few weeks, the quality of student work is improving.  The errors seen in most documents has been dramatically reduced thanks to the efforts of each student.  They are to be commended.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Week 14

This week had students are doing a couple of things.

Since Mrs. Leal will be with us for the last time on Monday, the 15th, students are creating a special "Thank You" message.  They are using what they have learned about Microsoft Word and Desktop Publishing, to create a document with a special "Thank You" and "Farewell" sentiment so she will always remember the 6th Graders of Lytle Junior High.  We will present these to Mrs. Leal on her last day.  Next week, students will have one last opportunity to make corrections and get them ready for color printing and presentation.

This week, students took the first part of their MS-Word Table assessment.  Part 1 of this test had students answeing a 25 question test relating to the creation and modification of tables in Microsoft Word.  For part 2 of this test, students will create a table of their own design.  Students will select from a choice of table applications and are expected to demonstrate what they know about Microsoft Word, Tables and Desktop Publishing.  We will begin and hopefully finish this table by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Next week, we will begin our "All About Robots" Tri-Fold Brochure.