In today’s world, students must prepare themselves for a wide range of college and work opportunities. All students want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer. Our students will certainly be provided a quality education. This year I am working with our junior high students as they learn and master a wide range of 21st Century Skills.

In this year’s “Technology Applications” class, students will learn and master various topics associated with computers and technology.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 18


In week 18, students began learning about new technologies.  The exploration of "Robot" technology will be done by viewing several film clips in different time periods.  Through the film clips, students are introduced to robots and they see how robot and other technologies has changed over the decades.  This week, our focus will be on a futuristic Science Fiction film I,Robot.  Many discussions will be held throughout the movie regarding a futuristic society where robots are heavily integrated into our society.  Much speculation and many concepts will be explored and discussed.  Throughout the process, students are challenged to speculate, be engaged in discussion and conversation and learn "note taking" as a skill needed for upper level classes.

Students also practiced their Proofreading skills as they proofread and corrected a "Social Studies" passage relating to some of our Constitutional Amendments.  Not only are they challenged to find the errors, they use MS-Word tools to indicate where the errors are.  They are also required to type the passage error free challenging their typing and "Attention to Detail" skills.

For keyboarding on Friday, student began a new On-Line Typing system; BBC Dance Mat Typing. There are 12 lessons and students began with Lesson 1.  We will complete 1 lesson each week.  I am happy to say that with the Keyboarding we did in the fall, 95 - 98% all 6th grade students met the speed and accuracy requirements. Speed and Accuracy requirements will be increased with each passing lesson each Friday.

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