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Monday, July 24, 2017

U.S. Air Force Academy and FIRST (Day 2)

Today was an exhausting day due to the high altitude and long walking distances.  We arrived at the academy for a presentation by retired Col. Gregory Tate on "Character and Leadership Development".  After a short welcome by Col. Gary Packard the Vice Dean of the Academy, we had lunch at the cadet's dining facility.  We toured the Academy's Applied Mechanics Lab, the Aeronautics Engineering Lab and had a "Question and Answer" session with several U.S. Air Force Cadets.  We ended our academy visit with a demonstration of a NAO robot.  The last 2 things on today's agenda was a visit to the "Gardens of the Gods" and dinner at a 100 year old school turned into a Brewery and Pub.

(Colonel Tate - Center for Character and Professional Development)

(Colonel Packard - Vice Dean of the Academy)

(Academy Grounds)

(Applied Mechanics Lab)

(Aeronautics Engineering Lab)

(Garden of the Gods)
(IvyWild - 100 year old school turned into a business)
(NAO Robot Demonstration)

Pillars of Leadership, Robotics

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  1. First of all congratulations on getting admission in the air force.Its such a privilege.Glad to know that you had an awesome and interesting first day at Air force academy.